A few words with Jacco Kroon

 Who are you ?

My name is Jacco Kroon, I am from the The Netherlands, and I am the founder and owner of 1731 Fine & Rare. I have worked in the rum business for almost 15 years now and apart from “1731” I am also the founder and owner of Navy Island.

Can you tell us a few words on the brands you are presenting in Paris ?

We will present 1731 Fine & Rare at Rhumfest Paris. 1731 stands for a unique range of rums, each with a distinctive character that speaks volumes about where it comes from. The collection consists exclusively of rums that proudly boast their natural color and flavor without relying on additives.
The 1731 collection consists of 3 unique regional rum blends and 3 unique single origin rums ranging from Central America to the tip of the South American continent.
The following rums will be present at Rhumfest:
– 1731 British West Indies XO
– 1731 Spanish Caribbean XO
– 1731 Central America XO
– 1731 Cuba 5 Year Old
– 1731 Panama 6 Year Old
– 1731 Barbados 8 Year Old

Why having choosen Rhum Fest Paris to exhibit ?

We consider Rhum Fest Paris one of the most important tradeshows for rum in the world.
For us Rhum Fest is a great opportunity to present “1731” to the trade and of course to interested consumers from France and other parts of Europe.

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