A few words with Hein Smit

Who are you ?

My name is Hein Smit, founder of Cane Island Rum. I am working with rum since more than 6 years and my passion for rum is increasing every day!

Can you tell us a few words on the brands you are presenting in Paris ?

Cane Island Rum is a range of Single Island Blends and Single Estate Rums, which all truly represent the style and tradition of the country or distillery. Rum is one the most diverse and historic spirits in the world. There is no other distillate which is produced and aged in so many different countries around the globe. It is the mission of Cane Island to show people the beauty and diversity that rum has to offer.

Why having choosen Rhum Fest Paris to exhibit ?

Paris Rhum Fest is one of the most exciting Rhum Fests in the world. The atmosphere is fantastic and we get the chance to present our rums to a great audience, both consumers and trade.

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