A few words with Alfredo Pacas

Who are you ?

I am Juan Alfredo Pacas and I represent Cihuatán, the first rum created in El Salvador. At Cihuatán, we were born as true entrepreneurs, doing what had never been done in our country. This spirit continues to drive our company and leads us to do things differently, experimenting with distilling, blending and aging. Our goal is to create unique rums that tell the story of our Mayan roots. We love seeing people around the world discover and enjoy our heritage with every sip of Cihuatán!

Can you tell us a few words on the brands you are presenting in Paris ?

Cihuatán is handcrafted in the Cihuatán Valley, a land chosen by a goddess for the Maya to flourish. We are now proud to call this land our home. Under this goddess´ grace we now grow our sugarcane and age our rum. Our passionate team controls the entire production process, from the selection and planting of the sugarcane seeds, through distillation, aging and bottling. Gabriela Ayala, our Master Blender, lets her creativity and curiosity flow to craft truly unique rums with a wide range of flavour profiles that will inspire consumers.

Why having choosen Rhum Fest Paris to exhibit ?

Through Cihuatán´s success in Paris, we have learned that Parisians are discerning and extremely curious. It´s a pleasure for us to keep satisfying their curiosity with our truly handcrafted rums. This year we are showcasing our first ever Limited Edition Rum: Nahual Legacy Blend, created by Gabriela Ayala to share the story of the sacred Mayan Nahual

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