The International Rum Awards is the major rum competition in the world, spanning the expertise of both the Paris and the London Rum Fests. An International Rum Festival which bring together the skills of the world’s top experts to create the most legitimate and prestigious international awards, showcasing both dynamics and the diversity of rum production. Paris’ Rum Fest Awards is thus definitively replaced by the International Rum Awards
The competition aims to bring together producers, brands and independent bottlers from all over the world (“Participants”) in order to unearth and highlight quality rums. The objective is to promote the growth of rum around the World and to celebrate it internationally through major media coverage. As such, the International Rum Awards plays an essential role on the European level and is the gold standard of excellence on a global worldwide scale
A Panel of 24 Experts, composed of the 24 personalities unanimously acknowledged as the most skilled and representative of the World of rum in terms of geographic representation, assigned scores and ranking after blind tastings sessions lasting on one month. They are paired up with 24 Deputy Experts and administered by a Quaestor in charge of the management of the internal administration. For London: Ian Burrell of course as well as one-of-a-kind UK experts whom cannot be disclosed now; From Paris Cyrille Mald, Alexandre Vingtier & many more high end rum experts of a panel which would render any specialist speechless
Marc Battais


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