A few words with Héctor Vera Filippi

Who are you ?

I’m Héctor Vera Filippi, Fortin’s Brand Ambassador in Europe and a spirit industry enthusiast.

How would you describe your brand in a few words?

Fortin is a rum that preserves traditions from the time of the old Spanish colonies in Latin America. We still use the Jesuits’ technique, working with the heart of the sugarcane to make honey and with it rum.

Fortin is Paraguay’s premier rum. Our respect for nature was recognized in 2015 when the distillery was named the “World’s Best Distillery” and 100% organic.

Fortin isn’t about a company, but a family and a people in the very heart of Latin America.

Why have you brought your brand to Rhum Fest Paris?

Rhum Fest Paris is a key event in Europe’s rum industry. We have big ambitions for our rum, and for that we have to be in places where we can measure ourselves against the best and be judged by discerning amateurs and top professionals. Rhum Fest Paris is to rum what F1 is to cars.

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