A few words with Etienne Houot

Who are you ?

Etienne Houot, Head of Business Development and Cellar Master with Manutea Tahiti rums.

How would you describe your brand in a few words?

Manutea Tahiti rums showcase O’Tahiti sugarcane, which was introduced to Polynesia nearly 1,500 years ago. This precious, original sugarcane hasn’t been hybridised and reflects an exceptional terroir, an unspoilt sanctuary in the middle of the South Pacific. Manual cutting and harvesting in extensive growing areas, just one milling with no added water to give sugarcane juice with a maximum sugar / aroma concentration, 36–48 hours’ fermentation, batch distillation in Holstein stills then resting in vats for at least three months before being bottled for the whites or transferred to casks for the aged rum, make it possible to develop a world-unique organoleptic profile.

Why have you brought your brand to Rhum Fest Paris?

We produce pure sugarcane juice rums and the mainland market seems best able to grasp the technical nature of rhum agricole. We’ve also been distributed by the company DUGAS since the end of 2017 and attending Rhum Fest gives us the opportunity to promote the range and present our innovations to consumers and professionals, with who we really enjoy discussing the market’s changes and demands. Coming here breaks our geographic isolation and means that we can find out more about our colleagues’ creations, which will shape future trends.

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