A few words with Alexander Darwazeh

Who are you ?

Alexander Darwazeh, CEO and Founder of MSB-Spirits, the company which owns the innovative MarlinSpike Blended Aged Rum. ‘Rum, but not as You know it’
We are on a mission to finally unlock the true potential of Rum; to us the only actual true Queen of the Spirits category. To change the overall perception and appeal of rum we rigorously apply value based consumer centric principles and focus single-mindedly on the human palette.

Can you tell us a few words on the brand you are presenting in Paris ?

MarlinSpike Rum Blended Aged Rum is a Blend of in-market, cask aged Gold Rums of divergent terroir and schools. This approach was necessary to obtain the unique Esther range which delivers an entirely new & relevant taste profile with radically new application possibilities.

We will always be driven by truly relevant innovations to widen the appeal of the rum category at the expense of white spirits, wine and beer. In Paris we will present the Marlinspike 888 High Seas blend, the first example of many more taste innovations to come.

Actually, our Brand name originated from the middle-age French word for knitting, which the British got inspired by to call the seaman dagger a MarlinSpike, and subsequently to name the largest predatory billfish a Blue Marlin. Hence, our nautical Brand name stands for fortitude, pioneer-ship and discovering new horizons. We are driven by our credo A POSSE AD ESSE: Making the Impossible Possible.

Our blend is made of Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica Gold Rums and yet another rum of Latin America. We position MarlinSpike as ‘The Ultimate in mixology’, but the 888 HighSeas Blend is just as wonderful for easy-to-use home entertainment.

Actually Foodpairing.com even proved with a conclusive molecular analysis study versus leading Gins a clear superior tonic water aroma match as well as the ability to create entirely new Rum cocktails. This said, because of its unique Esther range and smooth refreshing taste, I personally enjoy the blend just as much neat or on the rocks. The versatility is quite amazing.

Why have You chosen to exhibit at the Rhum Fest Paris ?

To show case our Brand proposition with our industry peers and potential trade partners, we needed a high profile venue with the proven credibility and a quality audience to do so. After consultation with our distribution partnerwww.Bruant-Distribution.fr, we naturally concluded to officially launch in France at the Rhum Fest Paris. Additionally, the event also of course attracts key international visitors and therefore has a commercial impact well beyond the borders of France.

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