A few words with Diego Martinez

Who are you ?

Diego Martinez, Master Blender for Rum PIXAN

Can you tell us a few words on the brands you are presenting in Paris ?

Pixan is a Mexican rum which is inspired by heritage of the passion and the love for rum thru the years. After several generations dreamed of creating a rum that could represent what Mexico really is, involving all the culture that Mexico has and bring the best out of the sugar cane, PIXAN was born.
PIXAN 8 is aged in two different profiles of ex-bourbon American oak barrels for 8 years to then mix them and make a unique combination of flavors. Rich aroma of classic preserved rum, with body and complex, with notes of ripe pineapple, caramelized banana and freshly squeezed cane. Once on the palate, the aromatic complexity of the rum continues to develop, with a cachaça character reminiscent of the rums of yesteryear.

Why having choosen Rhum Fest Paris to exhibit ?

The Rhum Fest Paris is the biggest rum fest in France and one of the biggest in Europe. We think this is a great opportunity for people that are passionate about rum to taste different rums and for us to get the people to taste PIXAN.

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