A few words with Mario Gomes

Who are you ? 

My name is Mário Gomes and i am the Brand Ambassador of William Hinton Rum

Can you tell us a few words on the brands you are presenting in Paris ?

Portuguese agricole rum, from the island of Madeira, with Protected Geographical Indication since 2011, almost 600 years of tradition in the sugar cane sector, I think it should arouse the curiosity of the most attentive. It is an island with very particular characteristics and with a very accentuated relief making the cultivation of the sugar cane incomparably more difficult and with unique details that make it different. The William Hinton brand is relatively new but inherited its name from one of the largest sugar-producing factories in Europe (it crushed 600 tons/day), still producing much of its rum in a century-long continuous column of Hinton’s old mill. The William Hinton range is the result of the first rums aged by this new generation of the brand, in an experimental record too, much of our rum is aged in barrels that previously had other products.

Why having choosen Rhum Fest Paris to exhibit ?

The Rhum Fest Paris has been growing popularity and gaining more and more importance in recent years. As this year is the internationalization of Rhum Fest Paris we felt it was the perfect timing to let people know about William Hinton line of products. The French market is mature in terms of agricole rums with a wide offer of products and to be successful you need to meet the high level standards set by the market. That is how we see William Hinton Rum and Rhum Fest Paris is the perfect opportunity to let people know about it!


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