Masterclasses – Monday, May 6

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Discovering Barbados Rum with Alexandre Gabriel and the Confrérie du Rhum

By Alexandre Gabriel, master blender at Maison Ferrand and West Indies Rum Distillery for over 30 years, is a passionate creator of artisanal spirits and producer of the Planteray Rum, Canerock Spiced Rum, Ferrand Cognac and Citadelle Gin brands.

Alexandre Gabriel, Master Blender and owner of Maison Ferrand and West Indies Rum Distillery, accompanied by Benoit Bail and Jerry Gitany, will take you to Barbados, the backbone of rum-making and home of Planteray and Stade’s rums.
Together, they’ll guide you through the West Indies Rum Distillery, from the Distillers’ Vault to the Still Alley, where all the flavors of Barbados rum are created. At the end of the masterclass, they’ll unveil a very special collaboration: Stade’s Jaws Rum, the first official West Indies Rum Distillery brand, bottled for the 10th anniversary of the Confrérie du Rhum.


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Mount Gay, Estate Rum

By Laurent Cosson, Global Brand Director

An introduction to the first Single Estate from the world’s oldest rum distillery. Single Estate was launched in 2023.
This cuvée is made with 100% molasses from sugar cane grown on the historic Mount Gay estate in Saint Lucia, Barbados.
From this unique terroir, discover and taste this original Mount Gay rum.


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Trois Rivières XO: revealing a unique terroir in southern Martinique

By Daniel Baudin & Jean Philippe Lardy. Since 1991, Daniel Baudin has been the guardian of the distinctive style of Trois Rivières rums, particularly its powerful yet elegant aged rums. His know-how is a source of inspiration; he’s the expert behind every bottle.

This masterclass will immerse you in the unique terroir of Trois Rivières in the far south of Martinique. Daniel Baudin, Maître de Chai, who has worked in the intimacy of the cellars for over 30 years, will tell you the story of the brand and its uniqueness, through the tasting of exceptional pure cane rums.

You’ll discover the specificity of our unique terroir, and the blending and ageing techniques that only Daniel Baudin knows. Participants will have the opportunity to preview Trois Rivières X.O, a new cuvée that will reveal the true richness of expression of an extra vieux rhum pure cane AOC.

Cuvées for tasting:

Trois Rivières 55 Origines, Trois Rivières Triple Millésime 2006-2014-2016, Trois Rivières XO


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The Art of Rum Tasting: Become a “Rhummelier

By Sandrine Pivaty, Founder and Director of the Université du Rhum, a training organization dedicated to excellence in the Rum industry. She is also the driving force behind numerous projects in the world of Rum.

Discover the captivating world of Rum and become a “Rum Sommelier”.


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The art of distillation and blending at Diplomático

By Nelson Hernandez, Maestro Ronero de Diplomático. For almost 40 years, Nelson Hernandez has been an expert in the distillation and blending of rums, a speciality of the Hispanic tradition. His knowledge of engineering and his talent have enabled Diplomático to become a pioneering tasting rum, now exported all over the world.

Discover the different distillation methods emblematic of the Diplomático house, their specificity and their stories. Nelson Hernandez, Maestro Ronero since 2017, shapes complex rums with personalities marked by different distillations and tropical aging very characteristic of Venezuela.
Through an immense variety of rums aging in the distillery’s cellars, each year he carefully and precisely selects each barrel to create Diplomático’s iconic blends.
In this masterclass, taste the different distillation methods: the Barbet colonnne, the Batch Kettle and the Pot Still, three unique versions of distillation, ending with a blend created by the Maestro for French independent wine merchants: Seleccion de Familia.


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Creator of Grands Rhums de la Réunion

By Teddy Boyer, Manager, Distillerie Rivière Du Mât

Since 1886, Rivière Du Mât has been the emblem of Réunion’s great rums. It is the perfect embodiment of the French art of aging. Since 2011, the Distillery has been committed to a policy of energy recovery, a unique example of circular economy in the world of spirits.

Cuvées for tasting :

VSOP, XO, Cuvée 1886, Single Cask 2003


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The art of ageing and the pillars of AOC Martinique rum

By Cyrille Lawson. For nearly 30 years, Cyrille Lawson and his team have been proudly bearing the colors of HSE rums, with a single watchword: the art of aging and innovation in favor of Martinican tradition.

2024 is a year of innovation: HSE continues its development by cultivating difference and pushing back the frontiers of innovation.
HSE unveils its new “Les Fôrets by HSE” range, an innovative and immersive exploration combining tradition and innovation. Take your seats for this immersive voyage and come discover or rediscover the know-how of HSE rums and the DNA of Martinique’s AOC rums!


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La Maison Isautier: a unique combination of historical know-how and expertise

By Cyril Isautier & Chris Briand. The 7th generation of the Isautier family and a graduate of the Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics (ESTP – Paris), Cyril Isautier spent his career in France, Finland and the United States, before joining the family adventure in 2019, in St Pierre de la Réunion, bringing his international experience to the expansion of Maison Isautier.

Ambassador of the House, Chris Briand brings all his expertise in Rum and Spirits to the development of the brand.

A powerful duo!

Cyril Isautier, 7th generation of the Isautier family and General Manager of Maison Isautier, accompanied by Chris Briand, brand ambassador and expert in Rum and Spirits, present a selection from the oldest family distillery on Reunion Island, of which Isautier is now one of the proudest ambassadors.

Independent and creative, Isautier is one of the few distilleries in the world to boast exceptional dual expertise in traditional agricultural rum and traditional molasses rum, and to innovate in this field.

Cuvées for tasting:

Agent Double 01 / Agent Double 02 / Louis & Charles / Apollonie / Antoinette


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Polynesia, land of rum, land of innovation

By Philippe Jugé, who is well known to whisky enthusiasts in general, and French spirits enthusiasts in particular, via his activities as a show organizer or consultant. He has also been Mana’o’s importer since 2016. The lucky man had the chance to visit Polynesia and in particular all the Mana’o rum production sites (sugar cane fields, distillery, ageing cellars) on the various Polynesian islands, from Tahaa to Rangiroa via Tahiti. Mana’o holds no secrets for him.

Mana’o is and will remain the world’s first certified organic rum since its market launch in 2015, but also the pioneer of atoll rums. This pure sugarcane juice rum has put Polynesia back on the map of producing countries. Mana’o also served as a reminder that the Oceanic arc is the cradle of sugar cane. Many indigenous varieties still grow on one of the 118 islands of French Polynesia, whether on the limestone of the coral reefs or the volcanic soils of the high islands.

These assets will lead to the recognition of Polynesian rums as an Indication Géographique in the coming months. 10 years after its launch, Mana’o continues to innovate with an amphora-aged rum and a second atoll rum, Mana’o Marquises. At Mana’o, parcel and ancestral varieties are at the heart of the project.

Cuvées for tasting:

Mana’o Tahiti, Mana’o Rangiroa, Mana’o Marquises, Mana’o Amphore


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Empowering Spirits: stories of women at the helm of the rum industry

By Larissa Arjona, Alexandra Alfaro, Angelique Jullienne And Marie El Hanafi. Women Leading Rum unite to strengthen and elevate the voices and contributions of women within the rum industry.

In a multi-voiced presentation, Women Leading Rum will celebrate the role of women in the rum industry and highlight the diverse talents and achievements of Women Leading Rum in the production and marketing of this spirit. Join us in raising a glass to these remarkable women who are leading the way in the rum landscape, and thus encouraging others to pursue their goals with determination!

Brands on display :

Abuelo, Botran, Planteray and Rum Nation


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The art of fermenting Bologna rums

François-Xavier Sobczak, cellar master at Maison Bologne, has a wide range of experience in the world of spirits. He has worked with calvados, whisky and other rums, before joining the Bologne team and bringing his own vision to the table.

The richness of the products in the Bologne range stems not only from the terroir and varieties of cane, but also and above all from the technical and human choices made to get the best out of them. This year, François-Xavier will share with the public his work on fermentation. A stage in the production of rhum agricole that is all too often underestimated, yet so important. Come along to his masterclass and discover some of the results of his experiments during a commented tasting session. Spoil Alert :This masterclass will introduce the arrival of a new range at the end of the year.

Cuvées to be tasted :

Batterie / Salako / Flacon inédit rhum blanc