Rum Fest Awards are the international blind tasting competition at Rum Fest Paris.


Launched in 2014, the RF awards have delivered their winners up to 2018, during which time their value has continued to grow as the show has grown in importance.

In 2018, the last year of the competition, we recorded:

352 entries
42 jurors for the pre-selections
27 jurors for the international finals
71 medals awarded


The first task of the RF Awards steering committee is to categorise the eaux-de-vie in order to compare comparable juices.

In 2023, sugar legislation will make life easier, even if there are still 17 categories.

The tasting is blind, with the jury knowing only the category being tasted.

There are two phases: the pre-selections, which normally take place over 3 days, and the final, which takes place over 2 days.

The day is divided into 4 parts: 2 tasting sessions in the morning, a long lunch break and 2 tasting sessions in the afternoon.

The panel of judges, divided into small groups, are briefed before each session to explain the category they will be tasting and to ensure that they are able to assess the product in relation to the category they have entered.

The categories are divided up in such a way that each medal-winning rum will have been tasted at least three times.

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Registration :

– Last day to register: Friday 22 March 2024
– Last day for receiving bottles: Friday 29 March 2024

Gold medal: rums with a score between 16 and 20, Silver medal: rums with a score between 15 and 16 and Bronze medal: rums with a score between 14 and 15.

The Jury

Marc Battais

Alexandre Beudet

Alexandra Bernet

Wendy Billot

Justin Blanc

Adrien Bonetto

Nando Cordova

Jean Marc Cornec

Laurent Cuvier

Guillaume de Roany

Benoit Desprey

Nicolas Duberson

Marie El Hanafi

Marlène Eusebio

Laura Fournie

Jerry Gitany

Marco Graziano

Lucia Hava

Florence Hubert

Jo Killoughery

Simon Leroux

Cyrille Mald

Keegan Menezes

Pablo Mosquera

Mitsuhiro Nakamura

Adrien Nicoletti

Laurent Pineau

Léonardo Pinto

Fabe Ramon

Alban de Valence