Masterclasses – Sunday, May 5

Reminder: to attend the Master Classes (free of charge), you must first have entered the show, and therefore hold a ticket.


The Art of Rum Tasting: Become a “Rhummelier”

By Sandrine Pivaty, Founder and Director of the Université du Rhum, a training organization dedicated to excellence in the Rum industry. She is also the driving force behind numerous projects in the world of Rum.

Discover the captivating world of Rum and become a “Rum Sommelier”.


Discovering Barbados Rum with Alexandre Gabriel and the Confrérie du Rhum

By Alexandre Gabriel, master blender at Maison Ferrand and West Indies Rum Distillery for over 30 years, is a passionate creator of artisanal spirits and producer of the Planteray Rum, Canerock Spiced Rum, Ferrand Cognac and Citadelle Gin brands.

Alexandre Gabriel, Master Blender and owner of Maison Ferrand and West Indies Rum Distillery, accompanied by Benoit Bail and Jerry Gitany, will take you to Barbados, the backbone of rum-making and home of Planteray and Stade’s rums.
Together, they’ll guide you through the West Indies Rum Distillery, from the Distillers’ Vault to the Still Alley, where all the flavors of Barbados rum are created. At the end of the masterclass, they’ll unveil a very special collaboration: Stade’s Jaws Rum, the first official West Indies Rum Distillery brand, bottled for the 10th anniversary of the Confrérie du Rhum.


The art of ageing and the pillars of AOC Martinique rum

By Cyrille Lawson. For nearly 30 years, Cyrille Lawson and his team have been proudly bearing the colors of HSE rums, with a single watchword: the art of aging and innovation in favor of Martinican tradition.

2024 is a year of innovation: HSE continues its development by cultivating difference and pushing back the frontiers of innovation.
HSE unveils its new “Les Fôrets by HSE” range, an innovative and immersive exploration combining tradition and innovation. Take your seats for this immersive voyage and come discover or rediscover the know-how of HSE rums and the DNA of Martinique’s AOC rums!


Rum for dummies

By Laurent Cuvier, Freelance journalist, blogger, taster, podcaster, juror and rum traveler, he’s constantly honing his rum expertise and sharing it with others.

My aim in this Masterclass is for you to come away with the basics when it comes to cane brandy, and to understand what we’re talking about when we hear the word rum.

1. Definition

2. Raw materials

3. Production methods

4. A classification

Cuvées for tasting :

Depaz Cuvée de la Montagne – 45

Abuelo 12 ans – 40%

Hampden Estate Trelawny 8 years old – 46