Masterclasses – Saturday, May 4

Reminder: to attend the Master Classes (free of charge), you must first have entered the show, and therefore hold a ticket.


Rum for dummies

By Laurent Cuvier, Freelance journalist, blogger, taster, podcaster, juror and rum traveler, he’s constantly honing his rum expertise and sharing it with others.

My aim in this Masterclass is for you to come away with the basics when it comes to cane brandy, and to understand what we’re talking about when we hear the word rum.

1. Definition

2. Raw materials

3. Production methods

4. A classification

Cuvées for tasting :

Depaz Cuvée de la Montagne – 45

Abuelo 12 ans – 40%

Hampden Estate Trelawny 8 years old – 46


The sweetness of no-sugar-added rum

By Simone Mina, Brand Ambassador Europe for Botran

At Casa Botran, all our rums are aged using our dynamic aging system, adapted from the traditional Solera system, an aging system unique to Botran rums. In this masterclass, discover our latest expression, Botran Ki’, and how each individual barrel shapes our rum and the impact of the signature mellow wine finish that imparts a natural sweetness to our rum, with no added sugar.


One hour to become a member of the Rhum Clément tasting panel

By Aurélien Lay, inspired by the scents of his grandfather’s cooperage, aspires to become an oenologist. After completing his Master’s degree, he gained experience in the wine industry and then became cellar master at various spirits houses (Armagnac, Whisky, Gin, Rum). In 2021, he joins the Habitation Clément team in Martinique as Research and Development Manager.

Every week, the members of the Rhum Clément tasting committee meet to select, discuss and decide on the various batches that will make up the vintages of the famous Rhum Clément.

Rhum Blanc, Rhum Vieux, Liqueur… as each category is chosen, Aurélien Laye, Research and Development Manager at Habitation Clément, will guide you through this privileged moment between members, in the hope of leaving with your taster’s diploma…and more!

Cuvées for tasting :

– Exclusive samples from vats and casks

– Rhum Blanc Clément Canne Bleue 2023

– Rhum Vieux Clément VSOP

– Liqueur Clément Bana Canne


History of Peruvian rum and aguardiente – in particular Ron Millonario

By Mario Navarro, Export Manager, Ron Millonario

Telling the little-known story of Peruvian rum/aguardiente, from the arrival of sugarcane in Peru in the early 16th century to the present day.

Cuvées for tasting :

– 10th anniversary

– Solera 15

– XO

– Cincuenta

– Kuytchi