What’s this bottle of rum?

In these articles, I invite you to explore the vast world of rum. By starting with the bottle and working your way through the various stages of production, you’ll be able to understand the specific aromas of each cane brandy, depending on where it comes from.

Understanding the impact of each production phase on the profile of a rum will give you a much clearer picture. Ageing, distillation, fermentation and raw materials are all elements where choices are made based on the desired result. These decisions are often dictated by local culture, history, terroir and consumption patterns. From the hyper-expressive distillates of Jamaica, to the light spirits of Cuba, via the agricultural rums of the French West Indies, we will explore the many origins that make up the diversity of this eau-de-vie.

Follow me as we explore the incredibly rich world of rum. All in good humour!

Laurent Cuvier

Aka “L’homme à la poussette”, taster, author, blogger

Laurent Cuvier fell in love with sugar cane distillates over ten years ago. As a freelance journalist, blogger, taster, podcaster, juror and rum traveller (visiting distilleries in Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States), he is constantly honing his expertise in the field and sharing it with others.

Barbados rum

Guadeloupe rum

Cuban rum

Jamaican rum


Central American rum

English Guiana Rum

Reunion Island Rum

Rum (Cachaça) from Brazil

White Rum from Southeast Asia

Rum from Trinidad and Tobago

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