Spanning 4 generations, the Navarre cooperage has been located in the heart of the Cognac region for over 20 years.

Our aim is to work with respect for tradition, perpetuating the craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation. Our main objective is to produce quality barrels that are suited to the maturing process and to the expectations of our partners.

With a team made up exclusively of skilled coopers, barrels are made with meticulous skill and dexterity. Innovation and ecology are two cornerstones that we continue to develop, in particular with the Wilfa® process, which gives barrels a second life while maintaining the quality of a new barrel.

What Tonnellerie Navarre will be presenting at Rhum Fest:

– Samples to smell our different toastings.
– Second-hand barrels to be smelled to introduce visitors to the different finishes and the impact of the barrel on the rum.
– Small casks made by our apprentices.
– Different types of staves (CF, CA, Acacia) with different toasting options.
– Shavings.
– Small casks with the opportunity to taste rum ageing made by the cooperage.
– Presentation of the impact of ageing on spirits.
– Presentation of the reconditioning process.