Mini-club Don Papa Masskara

Don Papa Masskara

Sugar cane plays a major role on the island of Negros, and its harvest is celebrated every year during the “Festival of Smiles”, also known as Masskara. Every October, the streets of Sugarlandia are filled with lively music, colourful parades and costumes to celebrate the joy and strength of spirit of the island’s inhabitants.

Made from local molasses rum, known locally as ‘black gold’. Don Papa Masskara is aged in American Bourbon oak barrels, then blended with a hand-selected infusion of Calamansi, Siling Labuyo and local honey. The result is a spirit that is both rich and complex.

What will the Mini Club Don Papa Masskara be offering during the Rum Fest?

This year Don Papa is setting up a Mini Club in collaboration with the Rhum Fest. Come and discover the magical world of Don Papa Masskara and immerse yourself in the brand’s festive nightlife. A host of activities will transport you straight to the island of Negros, including a make-up artist to adorn you in your most beautiful fluorescent make-up, fake tattoos in the Masskara colours, a photo-box to capture your most beautiful poses and finally cocktails to accompany you throughout the experience, all to the sound of transcendent music…


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