Meeting with Larissa Arjona, Women Leading Rum

Women Leading Rum

Team RFP: Hi Larissa Arjona! We are delighted to welcome Women Leading Rum as partners of the Rhum Fest Paris. How to sum up what the association does?

Larissa: Women Leading Rum is a platform within The Rum Lab that connects and supports women in the rum industry through training, workshops, and mentoring.

Team RFP: What is the Rum Lab?

Larissa: The Rum Lab is an educational platform focused on rum, including an online magazine, industry newsletters, and organizing rum events in the US and Puerto Rico. It’s the umbrella company for various ventures, including Women Leading Rum. 

Team RFP: Madame la Présidente, how did you get involved as a Woman Leading Rum? What role do you play through your position?

Larissa: With a legal background and experience in communications for Ron Abuelo, I joined to empower women in the industry. As the leader, I facilitate visibility and growth for our members.

Team RFP: Who were the first women to join the movement? How many members do you have today?

Larissa: While I was the first official member, we now have around 200 members. Our focus has shifted from compiling a directory to empowering women through education.

Team RFP: Many women now hold positions of responsibility in the rum industry. How far do we still have to go? What are your objectives?

Larissa: Our objectives include promoting confidence, empowering and training women, fostering networking, and advocating for equality and diversity. There’s still progress to be made in ensuring leadership opportunities for women.