Meeting with Maëva Mécorvin-Flandrina, Maison Bologne

Rhum Bologne Maëva

Team RFP: Hello Maëva, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Maëva: I’m Maëva Mécorvin-Flandrina, Marketing and Communications Manager for Maison Bologne, producer of Bologne rums. I’m honored to be able to promote the richness and values of my island through this local product. Team RFP: In 2024, Bologna is celebrating the year of the black cane. What does this involve? Can you explain the specificities of Bologna’s terroir and what this famous black cane is? Maëva: We’re approaching the 10th anniversary of black cane. This variety of cane is rare and very difficult to produce. It has always been present in the composition of our rums, like the famous “yellow label”, and then 10 years ago we embarked on a 100% canne noire saga. The aromatic intensity of this variety has enabled us to offer rums with a strong Bolognese identity. The cane variety isn’t everything, as it’s very sensitive to terroir, and has given a different result on less volcanic plots. Black cane has become Bologna’s gold.

Rhum Bologne

Team RFP: You won’t be exhibiting at this year’s Rhum Fest Paris, but you have placed a few references at the Comptoir des Innovations. Can you tell us a little about them?

Maëva: For the 10th anniversary of Rhum Fest, our cellar master will be present, and we’ll be showing visitors a preview of a new range due for release at the end of the year. While we’re waiting to unveil the name of this new range, we’ll be talking about Projet X. This will be the first white agricultural rum cuvée, with special features linked to the masterclass scheduled for Monday May 6 at 4.30pm: the Art of Fermentation.

Team RFP: People speak very highly of François Xavier Sobczak, your young cellar master, and having met him, I can confirm that he’s a fascinating character. Is it easy for a marketing person to follow such creativity?

Maëva: In a human-scale company like Bologna, we have the privilege of working closely on every link in the creation of our products. François-Xavier knows perfectly well how to steer the ship, protecting the historical identity of our products while bringing his own vision to bear. The Projet X range is just like him: creativity, alchemy and, above all, talent. For a marketing person, that’s very inspiring and challenging!

Rhum Bologne

Team RFP: In 2023, you also celebrated the Chevalier de St George, aka Joseph de Bologne. What does this character mean to you? He’s found here and there in literature, but is relatively unknown in mainland France.

Maëva: The Chevalier de St George is a historical figure we’re keen to bring back to light. A virtuoso in classical music, and one of the first black commanders, he left a particular mark on his era. He was also the son of one of the estate’s first owners. In the United States, he is a true icon, and the film Chevalier, produced by a Disney subsidiary, was even released on the big screen there. In Guadeloupe, several music schools, hotels and educational establishments bear his name. We also support classical music festivals featuring him, and who knows, maybe one day a new vintage in his name?

Team RFP: This year, we’re inviting the Women Leading Rum association to the show. Do you think that, in our French companies, this battle still makes sense, given the number of women in positions of responsibility in the industry?

Maëva: Absolutely, it makes perfect sense. The world of spirits also affects women, and it’s true that it starts inside the distilleries, behind the bars and ends with those with refined palates. As we had the pleasure of saying on March 8: dèyè chak ronm ni osi on fanm in Creole, “behind every rum there are women”.